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BECS - Bonaire Employment and Cleaning Services B.V.


Our cleaning service company began on a very small scale and in a relatively short time, with the help of our punctual and competent personnel, it has now grown into “Bonaire Employment and Cleaning Services”. Whatever the nature or the extent of the work you need done, you can be confident that each assignment will be carefully carried out.


Our aim is, and our business will always be, to provide a clean and healthy living environment for our clients as well as our employees. Through the use of modern appliances and environmentally friendly cleaning products, we not only adhere to legal requirements, but in the broader sense, we create less noise pollution and leave less unpleasant cleaning odors.


With our current number of employees and our expertise in our field, apart from incidental or periodic cleaning of homes and offices, we have several divisions that attend to specific needs listed in our services package.


You therefore have only 1 contact for a large number of services, such as the cleaning and care of restaurant or hotel kitchens; the elimination of mildew and other mold; pest control; the upkeep of swimming pools and gardens; the renovation and restoration of wood, stone, marble or granite floors. You can also call on us for temporary cleaning personnel or even an experienced receptionist.


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Services Offer

Hotel and Restaurant (Kitchen) Cleaning Services

Due to a high workload, intensive and periodic cleaning of the workplace and its appliances is sometimes postponed, or not thoroughly carried out.

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Office Cleaning, Waxing Floors & Chemical Cleaning Washrooms

In office cleaning there are a number of tasks: dusting all the desks, cleaning and caring for the floors, and chemical cleaning of the washrooms.

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Garden Care “Green Team” and Pest Control Bonaire

Your garden can be much more beautiful in the care of our “Green Team” as they can put an end to all weeds and control overgrown shrubs in need of pruning.

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High Pressure Cleaning of Paintwork on Exterior Walls

Daily exposure to intense warmth, salt particles carried in the wind and high humidity make regular maintenance absolutely necessary, especially for paintwork on exterior walls.

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Polishing and Waxing Floors to its Original High Gloss

The luster of a much-trafficked floor is definitely lost over time. We make it look like new. The top layer of a damaged wooden or parquet floor is sanded and cleaned.

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Are You Troubled with Mold or an Unpleasant Musty Atmosphere?

Are you troubled with the formation of mold or an unpleasant musty atmosphere in your house or place of business? Our experienced team is guaranteed to quickly do away with it.

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Restoration Natural Stone Floors, Marble and Granite

Natural stone floors such as marble and granite can be damaged or corroded by chemicals or by the influence of the weather. Tiles with broken corners, give an impression of neglect.

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We Tackle Every Inch of Left-over Building Materials

Left-over building materials, and messy cement work, is often found in newly-delivered homes or offices. We clean everything so you can get right to work with decorating your new acquisition.

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Curtains, Upholstered Furniture and Carpeting Cleaning

Curtains, upholstered furniture and carpeting will wear for years with a (steam) cleaning. Cigarette smoke in curtains and grease stains on furniture and carpets are expertly removed.

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Bonaire Employment and Cleaning Services B.V.

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