High Pressure Cleaning Bonaire


Bonaire High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning


Don’t be mislead by the pleasant weather of Bonaire. All that sunshine can be deceiving. Daily exposure to intense warmth, deposits of salt particles carried in the wind and the high humidity make regular maintenance absolutely necessary, especially for paintwork on exterior walls. Lacquered or painted window frames and roofs quickly deteriorate if not cared for from time to time. This also applies to wooden decks in the garden or round the swimming pool. BECS is expert in the use of powerful high-pressure cleaning equipment which can easily remove resistant stains and mold, especially in hard-to-reach areas.


Skid marks, stains from oil leaks and chewing gum in the entrance or parking area of your house or business are distasteful and ugly, and give house guests or clients a poor first impression. BECS has just the right cleaning product to eliminate every stain conceivable. Even graffiti is not a problem. Our professional approach is time and cost saving, giving you “double the mileage” for your money.