Bonaire Hotel and Restaurant (Kitchen) Cleaning


Hotel and Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Hotel and Restaurant (Kitchen) Cleaning Services


Due to a high workload, intensive and periodic cleaning of the workplace and its appliances is sometimes postponed, or not thoroughly carried out. If this happens only once-in-a-while it’s not a problem, but if this becomes routine, serious problems can often arise.


In the tropics, the careless cleaning of workbenches, cooling units, exhaust fans and buffets can result in a direct risk to the health of your guests and personnel. If the health inspectors find an “unsavory” situation, then you will be held accountable. If you cannot quickly resolve the problem yourself, then BECS can, in any case, resolve the situation for you with a complete cleaning and decontamination of your kitchen and all its appliances. You are then out of the “dangerzone”, but dirt and grime can easily return which is why cleaning on a regular basis is absolutely essential.


We can help you prepare a working plan that will hold your personnel to the daily cleaning of your kitchen and all its appliances.